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Reimagine End of Life is growing rapidly and we're always looking to hear about potential collaborators to help spark this conscious discussion about end of life.

Thank you for your interest! 2019 cities and dates are to-be-announced.


We engage with: artists, designers, medical professionals, community-based organizations, performers, cultural and spiritual leaders, educators, and ANYONE who wants to help spark a more conscious discussion about end of life.

To join our incredible community of collaborators, you must either have a) significant experience hosting and producing live experiences, and/or b) deep interest in the end-of-life topic.


Anything goes! Death can be a challenging topic. Our main request is that contributors curate an event or experience that is sensitive to diverse audiences. Participating in Reimagine is truly a DIY endeavor. You will: create the event content; secure the venue; market and promote to attract an audience, etc. Reimagine amplifies your individual efforts through inclusion in our festival programming and support processes.

Events can range from art shows, educational lectures, curated conversations, performances, workshops, games, book clubs, cultural ceremonies, etc. These can be hosted in all types of spaces, including concert venues, community centers, art galleries - or even your home!

We look for events and projects to include that demonstrate a unique and thoughtful perspective to this issue; embody the values of Reimagine; and exemplify inclusivity, diversity, and accessibility.


Reimagine took place in San Francisco in April 2018 and New York City in October 2018. Dates and cities in 2019 still to-be-announced.

We're always looking to connect with interested collaborators, and we'd love to learn more about your vision. Send us a note through the form below, and if there is a good fit for the future, we will get in touch to help make magic. Don't forget to subscribe to our email list (button at bottom of page) and follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates!


love you.

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