Re:Imagine 2018 | Collaborative Design Workshop

Re:Imagine's Established Core Values


What We Learned

On Tuesday, October 24th 2017 Re:Imagine united a small cadre of Bay Area thought leaders and friends across heathcare, innovation/design, arts/entertainment and religion/spirituality to discuss how to co-create an impactful community-driven week in 2018 to discuss the end-of-life experience. From 1pm - 4pm we engaged in a series of human-centered design thinking workshops around Re:Imagine Week 2018, and we're excited to share some of our learnings with you. 



Based on what emerged from your breakout conversations, what are the most important things for Re:Imagine 2018 to consider?


Group 1: How might we optimize the Power of Storytelling

Group 2: How might we create "Brave Spaces"

Group 3: How might we redefine Advanced Care Planning, center the event around life rather than death, and have leaders from diverse communities at events

Group 4: How might we normalize the conversation at all levels from clergy to young students; track inspiration, and turn conversation to action

Group 5: Let's be sure to Make it human, Measure it; and Build it to last


From safe spaces to 'Brave Spaces': we invite you...