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Reimagine sparks community-driven festivals and conversations that explore death and celebrate life. Our current festival "Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love" is a response to COVID-19.

Reimagine's Resources for Racial Equity

These resources, curated by Reimagine, address ways you can positively participate in making transformational changes around racism.

Reimagine inspires individuals, families, and communities to transform our approach to serious illness, aging, caregiving, dying, grieving... and living. We do that by harnessing the creativity within each of us.

In Wonder

There’s so much we don’t know about death. At Reimagine, take an opportunity to consider, reflect, daydream, philosophize, and learn through a set of unique and often enlivening experiences.

In Preparation

Facing death can be an opportunity to set intentions for our lives. Whether planning for ourselves or with loved ones, it’s important to clarify our wishes and consider the many logistical and emotional aspects of serious illness, caregiving, dying, and grieving.

In Remembrance

We’ve all experienced loss. Come together to share stories, to connect through our shared experience of grief and loss, and to remember those who will always be with us.

What is Reimagine?
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A free tool for planning a virtual memorial

It can be overwhelming to plan a memorial service - but planning one during a pandemic is even more difficult when we can’t be together in person. We designed this free guide to be useful for everyone, regardless of your comfort with technology, your budget, or your prior experience hosting events.

Co-create a festival with us

If you're interested in being a collaborator for Reimagine: Life, Loss, & Love, join us for our 2-part webinar series.

In Part 1, we'll outline the steps you need to take to organize an event for the festival. In Part 2, learn tips and tricks for hosting a successful virtual experience on a variety of different online platforms, including Zoom and Facebook Live. Webinar recordings are available here.

How to Participate in the Reimagine Virtual Festival

Successful Virtual Experiences: Tools and Tricks for Beginners

Guidance to help you create or update your Advance Directive during COVID-19

This list of resources, curated by Reimagine, will help you engage in important conversations about health care choices & advance care planning during COVID-19. Why wait?

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