Reimagine SF Stipend 2018

Financial Support for Your Reimagine Event or Project

From April 16-22, Reimagine will launch a community-wide exploration of death and celebration of life through art, creativity, and conversation. Our goal is to bring as many diverse perspectives and experiences to as many San Franciscans as possible. As such, we have created a limited fund to disburse stipends of up to $1,000 in support of Reimagine projects and events.

How Can You Use the Stipend?

Stipends can be used to support the creation of your projects and/or execution of your events for Reimagine. Types of uses might include: arts materials, staff time, talent, travel, or venue rentals. Please note that if you are, in fact, selected to receive a stipend, receipt of funds is contingent upon an agreement of terms to be sent with acceptance notification.


Selection Process

The Reimagine team will evaluate the applications based on:

  • Ability to support Reimagine’s goals of bringing diverse perspectives, audiences, and programmatic offerings into the conversation

  • Thoughtfully crafted project or event idea

  • Demonstrated past success/high quality projects or events

  • Clarity about how the stipend will be utilized and why it is needed



  • Wednesday, Jan. 24: Application released

  • Friday, Feb. 9: Priority Deadline*

  • Thursday, Feb. 15: Applicants notified

  • Wednesday, Feb. 28: General Deadline*

  • Friday, Mar. 2: Applicants notified

  • Wednesday, Mar. 7: All Reimagine project and event details finalized for the website

*NOTE: Priority Deadline Applicants who do not receive funding (or receive funding below their requested amount) will be automatically re-entered as part of the General Applicant Pool.

Questions? Please email


That being said…

We don’t want your Reimagine offering to be contingent on a stipend.

Our hope is that through your own resourcefulness and creativity, you are able to develop an offering--large or small--comfortable for you. Reimagine End of Life is not a centralized production. It is a grassroots community initiative co-created by an incredible, scrappy network of participants. Anything you contribute is a welcomed gift to the community.

To offset any costs you might incur and to support your efforts, you will receive 100% of any proceeds from an event you create for which you choose to sell tickets. Our belief is that, by uniting for one week under one umbrella, our collective voice and reach can be stronger than any of ours in isolation. Through a shared marketing initiative, we aim to help spark momentum for ALL Reimagine events and contributors.


Want to support this amazing community?

Contribute to Reimagine’s Stipend Fund through a tax-exempt gift. Please email for more details.