RE:IMAGINE'S Opening Night @ Grace Cathedral: "The Healing Path" 

 Join us Oct 24th for this special FREE EVENT from 6:00-9:30PM, Opening Ceremony at 6PMAn evening of candlelight labyrinth walks, conversation, community, music, and enlightening workshops on dying and living await you.



6:30-7:45 WORKSHOPS

Hosted by Grace Cathedral + OpenIDEO @ Grace Cathedral, 6:30-7:45pm

RSVP for 1 of the following workshops: 

OPTION 1: Panel Discussion - How Preparing for Death Can Teach Us How To Live. Moderated by the Very Rev. Malcolm Clemons Young, Dean of Grace Cathedral. This panel features The Rev. Lauren Artress, pioneer of the Labyrinth Movement; Catherine Dodd, director of SF Health Service System; Rabbi Sydney Mintz, leader of SF's largest synagogue; Dr. Jennifer Brokaw, TEDx speaker (see A Daughter to Father Heart-To-Heart w/ Tom Brokaw). 

OPTION 2: Gameplay - My Gift of Grace. Created by Nick Jehlen of Common Practice, this incredible game is played in groups and sparks important conversations about living and dying.

OPTION 3: Discover Labyrinths - with Lars Howlett.  Lars uses the art of sacred geometry to create replicas of Classical and Medieval patterns, and leads a new generation in building + walking labyrinths.


8:00-9:15 WORKSHOPS

Hosted by Grace Cathedral + OpenIDEO @ Grace Cathedral, 8:00-9:15pm

RSVP for 1 of the following workshops: 

OPTION 1: OpenIDEO Conversation - Design + End of Life. With palliative care specialist/TED speaker BJ Miller and IDEO editorial director Shoshana Berger, plus highlights from OpenIDEO's global End of Life Challenge.

OPTION 2: Death Meditation - with Angel Grant. Angel, executive director of Death Over Dinner, has been traveling the globe teaching yoga practices and sharing talks on how to reduce the many ways we suffer. Participants should bring a mat with a pillow, blanket, notebook and pen! 

OPTION 3: The Art of Vigilling - Sounds within the Stillness, with Megory Anderson + Gary Malkin. Vigilling is a sacred art form. Offered by a theologian and composer who have devoted their lives to this, this session provides an overview of the optimal vigilling process through music, ritual, and other expressive art forms. 

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Hosted by Grace Cathedral + OpenIDEO @ Grace Cathedral, 6:00-9:30pm

No RSVP needed, the following activities are available all evening:

Candlelight Labyrinth Walks. Walk labyrinths in candlelight and enjoy stirring music from Sam Jackson (singing bowl) and Gabriel Gold (halo) for the indoor labyrinth, and Kendra Fay (harp) and Destiny Muhammad (vocals) for the outdoor labyrinth. Walking instructions provided.

The Innovation Chapel. Produced by OpenIDEO, and featuring electronic musician Yoko K. from Japan, this sacred space is transformed  to reimagine hospitals and explore the last sounds we want to hear before we die.

Columbarium Visits. Visit and learn about the cathedral's beautiful Columbarium ministry.

MMORI. Discover the modern Memento Mori, a connected bracelet and web app prototype that helps to celebrate loved ones, harness personal strength, and promote a meaningful life.