You're Going to DIE PresentS: When They Died, AN EVENING OF STORIES & MUSIC

Hosted By You're Going to Die
@ Swedish American Music Hall, SF Doors 7pm, Show 8pm-11pm

You're Going To Die presents a curated evening of creative engagement with mortality, through the music & stories born from the lives of those we've lost & how we lost them.


Hosted By Health 2.0 and Orchestra One Here Collective, SF, 7pm

In 2011 Dr. Ken Murray wrote an online essay that circled the globe several times, making it clear that millions of us want to know how clinicians plan on facing their own final days. Dr. Ira Byock is a world renowned leader on the topic of dying well, with many seminal books, and countless articles on the topic. Dr. Joon Yun, who served as a radiologist on the Stanford clinical faculty, has made headlines of late for his $1 million Palo Alto Prize to end aging. These two, seemingly opposing, intellectual heavy weights will launch into a discussion about mortality and the spectre of life extension. Moderated by Founder Michael Hebb and Dr. Sean O'Grady from Orchestra One. 



Hosted By Crossroads Hospice       
Cultural Integration Fellowship, SF  7-9PM

Knowing we are not the body but exist "in" the body is the key to peacefully exiting "out" of the body.  Anton Grosz, PhD will present the theory and practice of going into the light... a trip we all must take one day.

MY Fabulous Farewell

Hosted By CPMC Spiritual Care Department and Struggling in Good Faith @ California Pacific Medical Center Davies Campus - The Gazebo Room, SF, 6pm-8pm

The LGBTQI community’s relationship with death is “complicated.” Come be with your family of choice for an evening of morbidly fabulous or fabulously morbid stories of not only death, but life, and the challenges of living our truth right up to and through our life’s end. As peoples who have endured, we have stories to share, injustices to right, lives to honor and memorials to plan. Together let us discover ways to celebrate the end of our lives with as much fierce bravery and wit as it takes to authentically live our lives. 

Movement and WitnessinG Exploration in Mountain View Cemetery

Hosted By Greacian Goeke & Dr. Kaethe Weingarten Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland, 11:30am-12:30pm

Explore ideas of life and death through facilitated movement in Oakland's tranquil and expansive Mountain View Cemetery. All ages and abilities welcome. We will engage in simple movements and reflect on the resonances of being alive in a place designed to honor both the living and the dead.

Rain or shine! Indoor location if need be. Meet at the water fountain inside the gates.